What makes up the flavor?
It is flavored with natural and artificial flavors that create the flavor profile
What are electrolytes and does your product have any?
Can I drink it if I am pregnant?
You should always consult a doctor before taking anything when pregnant.
How long will it stay fresh is there a shelf life?
2 years and the bottles/packets are marked with this information
Can you mix with juice?
Sure, mix it with what you’d like.
If I see sediment at the bottom after mixing is that bad?
No, that is completely safe and normal.
Can I freeze it and enjoy as a popsicle or frozen treat?
Yes, that is fine.
Is Emc3 FDA approved ?
The FDA does not approve dietary supplements. Instead, the manufacturer registers with the FDA.
Can I drink it hot?
The package says no sugar but its sweet - How?

It is sweetened with sugar substitutes sucralose and Ace K